Amethyst Smokey Scepter Crystal ( 0.51 Oz )

SKU : 25-0022
Dimension : 0.6" W x 1.75" H
Item Weight : .51 Oz
Origin : India
Package Qty : 1 Piece
Stone : Amethyst

Beautiful Amethyst Smokey Scepter Crystal! These Amethyst Smokey Scepter Crystal weigh approximately 0.51 oz

The Amethyst Smokey Scepter is a beautiful gemstone. This stunning Amethyst Smoky Scepter comes from India. As shown this crystal has a lovely purple color including hints of smoky black.

In metaphysical belief, This gemstone can be used to promote creativity, peace, and serenity. It is also said to be a helpful tool for those who are seeking sobriety. This unique stone can be added to any collection or used as an individual meditation stone.