Fibrous Malachite Mineral Specimen #RMI357

Dimension 2.25" W x 1.5" H
Origin Congo
Stone Malachite
Weight 5.8 Oz

This Fibrous Malachite Mineral Specimen is natural and has a weight of 5.8 Oz, a length of 3", a width of 2.25", and a height of 1.5". It has a unique structure of fibrous organic patterns, making it a great choice for decorative accents or mineral collections.

Fall in love with this beautiful fibrous Malachite specimen! This piece comes to us all the way from Congo and contains various vibrant shades of green from dark to light along with subtle touches of brown on the back. With mesmerizing fibers and amazing quality, this Malachite specimen is sure to make the perfect addition to any home or collection!