SKU RTS026-1Lb
  • Apatite Tumbled Stone From Madagascar.
  • Each stone is about 20-40 mm in size.
  • In One Pound, you get about 25 to 35 Stones.

Apatite tumbled stone is a captivating gem that exudes a vibrant and electrifying energy with its range of captivating colors. This gemstone derives its name from the Greek word "apate," meaning "deception," as it can be easily mistaken for other minerals due to its diverse color palette. Apatite stones come in various shades, including striking blues, vibrant greens, sunny yellows, and even translucent or colorless varieties. It's dynamic colors and unique crystal formations make it an alluring choice for both crystal enthusiasts and jewelry designers.

Apatite is widely recognized for its metaphysical properties and its capacity to stimulate personal growth, clarity, and manifestation. It is often linked with the throat chakra, facilitating improved communication, self-expression, and creativity. Apatite is believed to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and goals, instilling them with motivation, inspiration, and determination. It is a stone that empowers individuals to speak their truth, embrace their uniqueness, and manifest their desires in life.

 The vibrant energy of Apatite is closely linked to mental clarity, focus, and intellectual endeavors. It is believed to have the power to enhance concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities. Apatite is highly sought after by students, artists, and individuals engaged in intellectual or creative professions because it is thought to stimulate mental acuity, inspire innovative ideas, and enhance learning capabilities. Its energetic properties are said to promote a sharp and agile mind, enabling a deeper understanding and facilitating the exploration of new perspectives.

Certainly! Apatite is also believed to possess various physical healing properties. It is thought to provide support to the skeletal system, teeth, and bones, promoting strength and vitality in these areas. Apatite is also said to aid in the absorption of nutrients, supporting a healthy metabolism and contributing to overall physical well-being. Its energy is believed to have a positive influence on the body, promoting balance and vitality in various aspects of physical health.

Add natural beauty to any space with tumbled stones! Whether you use them as accents in your decor, incorporate them into jewelry-making or craft projects, or enjoy collecting them, these gemstones are a lovely addition to any home. Our selection includes various colors and shapes, so you can find the perfect stones to suit your style.