SKU RTS055 - 1 Lb
Dimension 0.75 x 1.25 inch
Package Weight 1 Lb
Stone Name Jasper

Red Jasper Tumbled Stones are approximately 0.75 inch x 1.25 inch in size.

Red Jasper tumbled stone has a beautiful red color and would make a great addition to any collection. For those who believe in crystal healing or the metaphysical properties of crystals, Red Jasper Gemstones are soothing and reassuring, providing strength and courage, Used to bring calm and focus to a chaotic situation, or to ground energy in a space and a great stone for physical healing, as it is said to boost the immune system and cleanse the body of toxins.

Add natural beauty to any space with tumbled stones! Whether you use them as accents in your decor, incorporate them into jewelry-making or craft projects, or enjoy collecting them, these gemstones are a lovely addition to any home. Our selection includes various colors and shapes, so you can find the perfect stones to suit your style.

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