10mm Carnelian Gemstone Round Bead Unisex Handmade Stretch Bracelet

SKU 04-0205
Color Red
Gender Unisex
Stone Carnelian
Stone Shape Round
Style Stretch

Fall in love with one of our lovely Carnelian stretch bead bracelets! Dress it up or dress it down, this bracelet is the perfect pop of color to any look and is a sure must have!

Every single bracelet is composed of 10mm Carnelian beads. Each individual bead contains a rich and vibrant shade of orange. In metaphysical belief, Carnelian is believed to be a stone that not only promotes clarity of thought but enhances intuition as well.

Here at Crystal Guys, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality items to ensure you will not be left disappointed or dissatisfied with your purchase!