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Cavansite is a 3 to 4 hard hydrous calcium vanadium oxide silicate mineral. Cavansite is so-called because it contains mainly calcium, vanadium, and silicate. It grows in prisms or tabular crystals or in small "puff balls" such as flowers or rosettes, commonly found among other zeolite minerals such as apophyllite and stilbite. Cavansite Crystal was first discovered by a team of geologists in Malhoor County. It is a deep ultramarine blue because of its high concentration of vanadium.

Those who believe in the spiritual qualities of crystals believe that the Cavansite is the stone of revelation, guidance, understanding, prophecy, and spiritual enlightenment. It is also believed to be a great stone for communication and meditation. It is also believed to be useful for those who find it difficult to stand in front of others as it creates a calm and confident demeanor.

Deposits of this beautiful blue crystal have been found in India, New Zealand, Brazil, and the USA, but the finest specimens are said to come from India (Pune).

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