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Anandalite also commonly known as rainbow quartz or aurora quartz is a variety of quartz, and like any quartz, the main component is silicon dioxide. Anandalite is mainly found in India and comes in a variety of unique colors! The reason for the stone's rainbow-like aspect is thanks to the combination of Rhodium found within anandalite.

Anandalite crystals are honestly enchanting to behold, with their shimmering colorations that appear to bop in the light. Each piece is a piece of artwork crafted by using nature itself, making it a special addition to any crystal series. The Rhodium found in anandalite is accountable for the breathtaking rainbow effect that captures the imagination and the coronary heart.

At Gem Avenue Wholesale, we apprehend the attraction of those beautiful crystals and attempt to provide a diverse range of Anandalite portions to cater to every flavor. Whether you're drawn to the calming blues, the vibrant veggies, or the nice and cozy pinks, we've something to fit your choices. Our commitment to excellent ensures that every Anandalite crystal is cautiously selected to satisfy the very best requirements, making sure a definitely magical revel in for all who select to carry these enchanting stones into their lives.

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