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Blue Topaz is widely known as the birthstone for December, along with Turquoise and Tanzanite. Blue Topaz is in the silicate of fluorine and aluminum mineral class. This gem was said to have first been discovered on the Island of Topazios located within the Red Sea over two millennia ago by the Romans. Ancient Romans believed that Blue Topaz contained the ability to protect the wearer from enemies as well as promote reconciliation. Not only was Blue Topaz used by Romans, but the stone was also not only used for worship in old Egypt. They believed that the gem held mystical powers that were given by the sun god known as Ra. Across the ocean in South America, many tribes thought that Topaz could aid in removing sickness but only when the moon was full.

This stone is said to form along with both fractures and within cavities of igneous rocks when the magma reaches its late stages of cooling that is when the crystals begin to grow because there is enough fluorine which permits the formation of Topaz.

In metaphysical belief, it is believed that Blue Topaz Crystal contains the ability to recharge and heal the energies of the body where it is most needed. It is also said that Blue Topaz enables both forgiveness and truth in order to stimulate feelings of generosity, joy, and abundance.

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