Wholesale Malachite Crystals and Minerals

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Natural Malachite Freeform Rock
Indulge in the natural beauty of this exquisite Natural Malachite Gemstone Freeform Rock. From the Congo, this crystal gemstone is carefully sourced for its highest quality and unique freeform shape....
Hand Carved Malachite Gemstone Penguin Animal Figurine - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Malachite Penguin Figurine 2"
This wholesale hand carved malachite gemstone penguin figurine captures the natural beauty of the gemstone. Its unique design and best quality make it an ideal addition for retailers to make...
Hand Carved Malachite Gemstone Seal Animal Figurine Sculpture - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Malachite Seal Figurine 4"
This wholesale Hand Carved Malachite Gemstone Seal Animal Figurine is a natural and high-quality product that will make a great addition to any retailer's selection. Made with the best quality...
Malachite Hippopotamus Figurine
Malachite Hippopotamus Figurine 3.5"
Enhance your retail business with our hand carved malachite hippopotamus figurine. Made with natural malachite gemstone, this unique piece is a great addition to any collection, offering wholesale prices and...
8mm Reconstituted Malachite Bead Handmade Unisex Stretch Bracelet - Gem Avenue Wholesale
8mm Reconstituted Malachite Bracelet
Made with simulated malachite gemstones, this handmade stretch bracelet features 8mm beads perfect for both men and women. As a wholesale option, retailers can enjoy the best quality at the...
Natural Malachite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystals- Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Malachite (1 LB)
Enhance your collection with our 1lb bag of Natural Malachite Tumbled Gemstone Crystals. Crafted with care and sourced from the finest materials, these gemstones exude elegance and sophistication. The perfect...
Natural Malachite Bead Handmade Stretch Bracelet - Gem Avenue
8mm Malachite Bracelet
This 8mm Natural Malachite Bead Handmade Stretch Bracelet is made of genuine malachite gemstone, carefully handcrafted for high quality. Suitable for both men and women, this unisex bracelet is a...
Hand Carved Malachite Gemstone Lion Animal Figurine -Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Malachite Lion 6"
This hand carved malachite gemstone lion figurine is a natural, high-quality piece from Congo. With its intricate animal carving and wholesale pricing, retailers can make a good profit while offering...
Hand Carved Malachite Gemstone Hippopotamus Figurine - Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Malachite Hippopotamus 5"
This hand-carved Malachite Gemstone Hippopotamus Figurine from Congo is a natural masterpiece. Perfect for retailers looking for the best quality animal figurines to make a good profit. Our wholesale prices...
Malachite Animal Figurines
Welcome to our collection of Malachite animal figurines, sourced directly from Congo. If you're in search of substantial profit margins, you're in the right place. These handcrafted, unique pieces are...
  • Malachite Animal Figurines from Congo #0071
  • Malachite Animal Figurines from Congo #0071
  • Malachite Animal Figurines from Congo #0071
  • Malachite Animal Figurines from Congo #0071
  • Malachite Animal Figurines from Congo #0071
Carved Malachite Pear Shape Crystal Figurines Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Malachite Pear 3"
In your order, you will receive one carved Malachite Pear Shape crystal chosen at random. Due to the use of natural stone, please allow for some variance between such as color.These...

Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. Malachite has been used as a gemstone and sculptural material for thousands of years and is still popular today. Today it is most often cut into cabochons or beads for jewelry use. The name Malachite may come from the Greek word malakee, or malache, signifying the resemblance of Mallow leaves, or from the Greek word malakos, meaning soft.

Some people believe that Malachite is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. It guards against radiation of all kinds, clears electromagnetic pollution, and heals earth energies also it helps to protect against the “Evil Eye” and cure various stomach ailments.

Malachite is mostly found in Egypt, Israel, Russia, Congo, Australia, France, and Arizona.

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