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Wholesale Crystals - Gem Avenue Rock Shop

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Where Do Our Crystals, Rocks and Minerals Come From?

Gem Avenue Wholesale is a direct importer of rocks, minerals, and raw crystals from various of areas located all around the world! We import from Pakistan, India, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Madagascar, Indonesia and China to name a few. Gem Avenue Wholesale searches worldwide in order to bring only earths finest rocks, minerals, and crystals to you!. Home to a variety of minerals and crystals, Pakistan is known and admired for its mineral wealth, which can be predominantly located within the northern as well as the northwestern portion of the country. We work closely with both miners and volume exporters in order to bring a vast selection of great quality items such as Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Peridot, Kunzite, Tourmaline, Brucite, Topaz, Calcite, Nephrite, and almost all known varieties of Quartz.

Not only do we import these wonderful goods from Pakistan, but Gem Avenue Wholesale is also a direct importer of these rocks, minerals, crystals and gemstones for sale from India! India is home to a number of vibrant and stunning rocks, wholesale minerals , and crystals. We import a selection of these items such as Pentagonite, Zeolite, Apophyllite, and Stilbite to name a few. Our most notable find from India is our beautiful collection of Phantom Quartz! Phantom Quartz is a known member of the mineral quartz variety. The name is derived from the pre-existing smaller twin crystal that is found inside the other crystal or otherwise known as a ghost crystal. Checkout our phantom Quartz collections to buy crystals wholesale

It is extremely important to us to have this wide selection of items in order to fulfill the need and wants of all our Gem Avenue Wholesale customers! Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem, contact us and let us know what we can source for you!

Along with Pakistan and India, Gem Avenue Wholesale is importing minerals and crystals wholesale from South American countries, Brazil, Uruguay, and Peru. Peru is known for its extraction of valuable minerals, rocks, and crystals! Our selection of Pyrite is directly imported from Peru along with our majestic collection of crystal bird figurines! Brazil is known as the fifth largest producer of minerals in the world! Thanks to Brazil’s rich natural gemstone resources, this is where the worlds source of semi-precious stones are predominantly mined. In fact, a good amount of our Tourmaline, Citrine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, and other Quartz variants are derived from Brazil. Also sourced from Brazil is our variety of black and blue Kyanite along with mesmerizing Citrine geodes!

Uruguay is known as a country rich in highly sought-after quality gemstones. In fact, Uruguay is considered to be one of the most important geological sites in the world! The country is mainly known for its production of Amethyst! Once you see the fantastic quality of these stones and Citrine geodes you will understand why we strive to bring these wonderful products to you, our beloved customer!

General imports straight from Congo, Africa included vibrant free forms of Malachite as well as eye-catching Malachite carvings! With imports of Celestite, Septarian, Labradorite, and Fluorite from Madagascar and China and Crazy Laze Agate and Moss Agate from Indonesia, Gem Avenue Wholesale crystal wholesaler usa searches worldwide in order to bring only earths finest rocks, minerals, and bulk crystals to you with discounts!

Our collection includes top-notch tumbled stones and Crystal chips, perfect for any collector or practitioner. Our stones are carefully crafted with the utmost care to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality and consistency. With a wide variety of options available, you're sure to find what you need to enhance your crystal healing or add to your collection.

Gem Avenue Wholesale is the best crystal wholesaler for all your specific needs such as quality, price and selection. We also carry Cheap crystals in bulk which is available as bulk purchases of lower-priced crystal products. We are one of the Large crystal wholesaler in charlotte NC for bulk purchases of larger, single crystal pieces. Our collection includes several Crystal rocks and gems that also includes minerals, gemstones and rock formations. As a Crystal wholesalers usa we refer to wholesale supplier of crystal products located in the charlotte NC United States. Gem Avenue Wholesale an e-commerce store where you can purchase wholesale crystal products which are imported from world wide.

Gemstone Jewelry and Cabochons

Not only do we specialize in importing rocks, minerals, and crystals, Gem Avenue Wholesale offers a wide selection of cabochons intended for jewelry making!

Throughout the Renaissance era there was a noted increase in trade for jewelry, so the jewelry making methods as well as the materials ended up leading to the prominence of both gemstones and cabochons we know today. Gem Avenue Wholesale offers a wide selection of cabochons as well as faceted gemstones/cut stones. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as a variety of stones! From Bumble Bee Jasper, Larimar, and Unakite to Amethyst, Malachite, and Moonstone to name a few, we got you covered with a little bit of everything!

Along with items for jewelry making, we offer an assortment of gemstone jewelry with outstanding quality! Gem Avenue Wholesale carries a variety of gemstone bracelets, gemstone rings, and gemstones necklaces.

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Hands of Divinity
Looking for beautiful and exclusive crystals? Look no further than Gem Avenue! A family-run establishment that offers high-quality crystals and crystal jewelry with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their fair prices and excellent wholesale deals make them the go-to for all crystal lovers! #GemAvenue #Crystals #Jewelry
Customer-Review - Gem Avenue Rock Shop
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