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Septarian Rough Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Septarian Rough (1 lb)
You will receive 1lb worth of Septarian stones in your order which is approximately 14-16 stones within each bag. Each stone weighs approximately 1.0oz with a height of 1” to...

Septarian also referred to as Dragon Stone, is a tri-color concretion composed of Aragonite (the brown), Calcite, (the yellow), and Limestone (the grey). The name is septarian is from the Latin word ‘septum’, which means seven, or ‘saeptum’, meaning a wall or an enclosure. The stone also got its name because it seems to form in a pattern of seven.

Some Crystal healers Believe that Septarian can also give balance to your body, mind, and spirit. It will ensure peace and harmony in all aspects of your being so that you will be able to face the daily challenges of life with confidence and grace. It will harmonize your emotions and your intellect with your higher mind.

Septarian is mostly found in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Spain, and England.

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