Diopside Crystal

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Diopside Rough Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Diopside Rough (1 LB)
These stunning Diopside crystals contain a vibrant shade of dark green. Along with the stunning shade of green, certain of these stunning small crystals also have subtle hints of white....
Diopside Rough Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Diopside Rough (1 Oz)
Rough Gemstone Crystals are natural gemstones in their unrefined state. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these crystals are perfect for anyone who wants to connect with...

Diopside is a calcium magnesium silicate belonging to the pyroxene group of minerals. It is a major rock formation in volcanic rocks and is also found in meteorites. Diopside is derived from the Greek words "dis" (double) and "opus" (face). This means the double form, which refers to the prism-oriented method of the crystal. The dioxide may appear as a colorless crystal, but there are Diopside crystals of brown, yellowish-brown, blue-green, greenish-black, gray, green, white, or lavender.

It usually comes in two forms.

  • Chrome Diopside:- Also Known As Siberian Emerald or Green Dioxide
  • Star Diopside:- The black type of diopside is known as the black star diode because it displays a star in the crystal.

Diopside is found in the USA, Russia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, South Africa, and Finland.

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