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Orthoceras Fossils from Morocco Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Orthoceras Fossils 2" ( Pack of 12 )
Orthoceras From Morocco Pack of 12 Orthoceras fossils are some of the most popular fossils in the world. They are found in many parts of the world, but the best Orthoceras...

The term Fossils is derived from the Latin word "fossus" which directly translates to "having been dug up." Fossils are known as the left remains/traces of ancient lives past lived that have been naturally preserved. These fossils contain the ability to give us an inside look at life hundreds of years ago and how regardless of time, the past can still be enchantingly beautiful. Fossils are formed over time when minerals tend to seep into the left remains which then become fossilized. In fact, specimens are not usually considered to be fossils until they are over 10,000 years old.

Fossils are said to be the most commonly found where right aged sedimentary rocks are located. These places are river valleys, hillsides, and cliffs. Fossils are excavated or dug out either individually sometimes have to be dug out piece by piece and then moved back to a laboratory where people can determine when the fossil was buried along with what types of plants and animals were alive during the time period of the fossil. Fossils can be found in select areas located around the world.

Numerous fossils have been excavated from both the deserts and badlands of North America as well as in Argentina, China, and Madagascar. Fossils can also be found in Europe. It is said that the best place in Europe to find Fossils is on The Isle of Wight.

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