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50 Pieces of Aragonite Mineral Flats #0004

This 50-piece set of Aragonite mineral flats comes from Morocco and is perfect for retailers looking to make a good profit. Aragonite is a mineral composed of calcium carbonate, which...

Tumbled Aragonite Stones ( 1 LB )

Our high-quality tumbled aragonite stones are perfect for crafting projects, orzo, and other healing uses. Perfect for small creations or decorations, these stones offer a beautiful touch to any project...

Aragonite is a carbonate mineral. Aragonite and calcite are formed from calcium carbonate. These two minerals differ only in their crystallization. It is an interesting and attractive mineral in its own right. Aragonite is less common than calcite, but this is common and important in the biological world because it is an integral part of most beaches, pearls, and ancient fossils, especially ancient ammonites.

Some believe that aragonite is a central and fundamental stone of physical energy. Aragonite provides strength and support and is believed by those who believe in crystal healing to help cope with anger and emotional stress.

Significant amounts of aragonite are formed in areas such as Sabkhas and Oolitic. It is also formed in an atmosphere of high pressure and low temperature. Gem-quality crystals of aragonite can be found in Germany and Austria. Other sources include Czechoslovakia, Sicily, Greece, Spain, and Japan.

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