13.25" Amethyst Geode 22 Lb #0043

SKU : 10-0043
Dimension : 6.5" L x 8.5" W x 13.25" H
Origin : Brazil
Package Qty : 1 Piece
Stone : Amethyst
Weight : 22 LB

13.25 Inch Amethyst Geode. The Weight of the Geode is 22 LB Approx.

Fall in love with this gorgeous Amethyst geode! This self-standing Amethyst geode comes to us all the way from Brazil! Amethyst Crystals are one of the most popular stones due to their color, and certainly their beauty.  This beautiful Amethyst geode is sure to be the perfect addition to any home or collection!

A geode is a rock that contains a crystal cavity. The word “geode” comes from the Greek word for “earth”, which is “geo”. Crystal Geodes are found all over the world. Geodes can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common type of geode is a spherical geode, which has a round shape. However, geodes can also be oblong, tubular, or blocky in shape. The size of a geode can range from a few centimeters to over a meter in diameter. The crystals that are found in geodes are often amethyst, quartz, calcite, or other minerals. The crystals can be colorless or they can be a variety of colors,

Crystal geodes make beautiful and unique gifts for anyone who loves crystals. Whether you’re looking for a geode to add to your home decor collection or you’re searching for the perfect crystal gift for a friend or loved one, our collection has something for everyone.

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