SKU 11-0012

5 Inch Lapis Lazuli Freeform. The Weight of the Freeform is 2.3 Lb Approx.

Fall in love with these gorgeous Lapis Lazuli Crystal freeform! The Lapis contains a rich and vibrant shade of royal blue, accompanied by scattered golden shaded traces of Pyrite. Along with these lovely shades this piece also has hints of grey and white. Perfect addition to any home or collection!

Gem Avenue Rock Shop is proud to present to you freeform stones of many kinds. When an ordinary-looking rock is polished it becomes magical in its color and luster. The freeform rocks are great for home decor. We bring you polished rocks in many sizes. This makes it easy for you to pick one that your budget permits.

While Labradorite Crystal freeform is preferred for their fire, Lapis Lazuli Crystal is liked for its deep blue color and pyrite inclusions. Many others prefer Jasper for its mesmerizing patterns. In all reality, every single rock kind is beautiful and has something to attract us.

We are an importer and wholesale supplier of many natural Gemstone Crystals located in Charlotte NC. You can now buy crystals at very low prices and sell them to make good profits.

Here at Gem Avenue Rock Shop, We specialize in wholesale Crystals and Gemstones. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality rocks, crystals, and gems in order to ensure the utmost satisfaction of each and every one of our customers! Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal!