3" Malachite Egg 1.2 Lb #0004

SKU : 18-0004

In your order, you will receive one Malachite egg chosen at random. Due to the use of natural stone please allow for some variance between eggs such as size, shape, and color.

The gemstone eggs are carved from natural malachite stone. Malachite is a gemstone that is most commonly found in green. Malachite gemstone eggs are an excellent way to enjoy the properties of this stone

In metaphysical belief, Malachite is a protective stone that shields against negative energy and pollutants. It is also said to promote creativity and change.

Gemstone eggs are natural crystals, cut and polished into the shape of an egg. Each gemstone egg is unique. These beautiful oval-shaped eggs have a smooth, round finish. With rich, vibrant colors, these eggs make a great addition of color to any room.

We are an importer and wholesale supplier of many natural Gemstone Crystals located in Charlotte NC. You can now buy crystals at very low prices and sell them to make good profits.