Phantom Quartz Crystals ( 1 LB )

SKU 25-0001

Phantom Quartz is a member of the mineral quartz variety. The name is derived from the smaller twin crystal that is found within the original crystal or otherwise known as a ghost crystal. The name Phantom Quartz also comes from a Greek word that translates to “clear ice.” It is believed by Shamans that the Phantom Quartz is a stone of light. The ghost crystal found within occurs due to minerals or another substance of Quartz washing over the pre-existing crystal during its cycle of growth. The crystals continue to grow regardless of the other minerals/substances thus forming the Phantom Quartz.

In metaphysical belief, Phantom Quartz is believed to strengthen the bond we have with all living beings. It is said if ones feel themselves being drawn to Phantom Quartz, this serves as a tell-tale sign that they are ready for deep emotional healing.

The color found on the Phantom Quartz can be found to range from clear to cloudy. Phantom Quartz is known for its distinguishing features and unique healing properties. These factors are what draw customers in! In your order, you will receive one pound worth of Phantom Quartz crystals. Please allow for some variance between crystals in size, color, and shape.

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