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Gem Avenue Wholesale is your one-stop shop for all things heulandite. We offer a wide selection of heulandite crystals and mineral specimens at wholesale prices, so you can rest assured you're getting the best deal. Our collection has been sourced from all over the world, and our team of experts is passionate about sharing these unique pieces with the world.

Whether you're a collector or simply fascinated by the beauty of these natural wonders, Gem Avenue Wholesale has the perfect piece for you. Browse our selection today and find the perfect heulandite crystal for your collection.

Heulandite is one of the most common zeolite minerals. It has a nice pearly glow and beautiful colors. Heulandite forms large crystals in the petrified bubbles of volcanic rocks. In 1822, H. Brooke discovered the mineral and named it in honor of the famous English mineralogist John Henry Heuland.

Although more red hyaluronate has emerged in the market from Italy and Scotland, most of the models on the market today are from India and Iceland.

Here at Gem Avenue Wholesale, we offer a variety of Heulandite Mineral Specimens. We carry a wide selection of stones such as Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Tigers Eye, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, and Amethyst to name a few. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality wholesale crystals for the satisfaction of all our customers.