Labradorite Rough ( 1 LB )

SKU 03-0029
Package Weight 1 LB
Stone Labradorite

Genuine Natural Labradorite Rough Stone. The size of the Stone is approximately 1.5 Inches X 1.5 Inches.

Labradorite stones are beautiful gemstones that can be found in a number of different colors. These rough stones are a great way to add some Labradorite flare to your collection. Labradorite gemstone is a truly magical stone. It is a member of the feldspar family and is typically blue, green, or gray in color. However, it has a unique property that causes it to exhibit a schiller effect (a play of light) when it is moved around in the light. This effect can be every bit as beautiful as the gemstones themselves.

Rough Gemstone Crystals are natural gemstones in their unrefined state. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these crystals are perfect for anyone who wants to connect with the natural world, crystal home decoration, jewelry making, and Gem Tree Making. Our crystals are sourced from all over the world and are of the highest quality.

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