Dimension 4" W x 5" H
Stone Pistachio Calcite
Weight 13 to 15 Oz

These lovely Pistachio Calcite points come to us all the way from Pakistan! Each point contains various rich and vibrant shades of pistachio green, both dark and light. Along with these stunning colors are touches of white. The points each have a smooth texture as well as an almost gloss-like finish. Perfect addition to any home or collection! Be aware that you will only receive one Pistachio Calcite point unless specified otherwise.

This elegant Pistachio Calcite Crystal Obelisk Tower is the perfect addition to any space. Measuring 4" x 5" and weighing 13 to 15 Oz, this beautiful stone is sure to enhance any décor. The rich, natural calcite coloring adds a touch of sophistication that won't go unnoticed.