Orbicular Sea Jasper Obelisk Tower Point #RPO312

Origin Madagascar
Stone Orbicular Sea Jasper

The Orbicular Sea Jasper Obelisk Tower Point is a polished gemstone from Madagascar. This self-standing obelisk tower features unique orbicular patterns, making it perfect for retailers looking for the best quality and lowest prices to make a good profit. Add a touch of nature to your display with this beautiful wholesale product.

The Orbicular Sea Jasper Tower Point is a stunning piece of natural artwork that is sure to impress any crystal lover. This tower point is composed of Orbicular Sea Jasper, a variety of jasper that is known for its unique and striking patterns. The stone is predominantly a deep green hue with circular markings in shades of white, cream, and beige. These circular markings are reminiscent of miniature planets, giving the stone a truly cosmic feel.

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