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What Are Crystal Bowls And What Are They Used For?

Since the 1980’s, crystal bowls have been often utilized. These bowls have mainly been used for healing and meditation. The use of these crystal bowls is a frequent practice of alternative medicine. The sound which projects off the bowls is believed to promote not only one’s well being but also relaxation.

All About Crystal Bowl Healing

Crystal Bowl - Healing and Properties

Crystal bowl healing or also known as sound therapy has been a practice which has been around since ancient times. This practice is believed to date to the far back times of ancient Buddhism. During this time, these crystal bowls were seen as an essential part in practicing Buddhism. As time progressed, the practice of the crystal bowls quickly spread into other religions and cultures.

This practice is based upon the concept that since our own bodies produce vibrations, the use of these crystal bowls is believed to heal one's body by restoring their balance using these vibrations. These vibrational sounds are believed to resonate the chakras of our own bodies in order to begin healing. The type of crystal bowls that are commonly used are almost always made from a form of quartz crystal along with sand. This mixture will then be placed within a spinning mold, where it will be heated up to just around 4,000 degrees. These bowls vary in sizes from small 5 inch bowls to large 24 inch bowls.

Crystal Bowl - Healing and Properties

Benefits of Crystal Bowls

  • Aids in managing anxiety
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps cleanse and balance chakras
  • May aid in mental clarity
  • May aid in mental clarity
  • Calms both emotions and mind
  • Increases work productivity
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Cleanses energy and crystals
  • Deepen meditation
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