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What Mineral is Specimen

Mineral Specimens - Gem Avenue Wholesale

As beautiful creations of nature, one might ask what exactly is a mineral specimen? Well a mineral specimen is known to be a naturally occurring component of mineral with a specific chemical formula/chemical arrangement. Mineral specimens are categorized based on certain characteristics such as their shape, color, and hardness.

These mineral specimens are collected for the sole purpose to be either studied or used for display. These beautiful mineral specimens can be found in a variety of settings, from quarries and mines to more natural settings such as outcroppings. In fact, mineral specimens could even be found in your own backyard! Formation for these mineral specimens may vary, some may be formed in as little as a couple of years, but the majority of mineral specimens can take hundreds of years to form. Throughout the Victorian era collecting crystals, rock, and mineral specimens rapidly gained significant popularity. The monarchs across Europe during this period sought to accumulate these mineral specimens quickly and even turned this into challenges amongst themselves to see who could gather the most high quality mineral specimens. Nowadays almost every European city contains a vast collection of these mineral specimens and crystals. These rare mineral specimens are now kept within their natural history museums.

Use of Mineral Specimens

Mineral Specimens - Gem Avenue Wholesale

In metaphysical and crystal beliefs, these mineral specimens are best used for meditation and healing. Although not a replacement for today's modern medicine practices, it is believed these specimens carry powerful energy. Mineral specimens especially are believed to carry raw and untouched energy which is said to be most powerful when used in metaphysical healing.

These natural mineral specimens are highly sought after collectibles! Some may collect these specimens for the pure natural beauty of these pieces, others may collect mineral specimens for their scientific interest and value, or even for the purpose of healing and meditation! Whatever that reason may be, mineral specimens are a natural earth's creation leaving no surprise to their high popularity and demand!

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