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Origin: China but can also be found in Australia, South America, North America, and New Zealand

Colors: can be found in black, brown, yellow, gray, and green

Appearance: dull luster and can be translucent to opaque

Name History: Nephrite is derived from the greek word nephros lithos which translates to the word kidney stone

Healing Properties: attracts love, prosperity, and wealth and protects against negative energy, evil eye, accidents, and injury

Chakra: heart chakra and solar plexus chakra

Nephrite Jade - Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Getting To Know Nephrite Jade

Prized for centuries, Nephrite Jade is known as a highly revered stone within Chinese culture. The name Nephrite is derived from the Greek word "nephros lithos" which translates to “kidney stones.” This name was in reference to the belief this stone possessed the ability to aid kidney disorders.

The history of Jade goes back seven thousand years and has been primarily used within Chinese cultures as well as Latin American cultures. As a matter of fact, indigenous people from Central America would hold Jade stones on their side for the belief the stone could cure illness. Mayan and Aztec civilizations would utilize Nephrite Jade when making tools and jewelry. As the oldest gemstone, for centuries Jade has been a sacred material within Chinese culture. Nephrite Jade was strongly believed to ward off evil eyes as well as bring forth good luck.

Nephrite Jade - Metaphysical & Healing Properties

There are two variations of Jade, Nephrite being one of them and the other form is known as Jadeite. In fact, for years Nephrite was believed to be the only form of Jade, up until the year 1863 when Jadeite was first discovered. However, although these two are different variations, they are still real forms of Jade. This stone is composed of fibrous and dense crystal masses. Nephrite Jade can be found in a variety of colors such as black, yellow, gray, and of course green.

Nephrite Jade Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Nephrite Jade - Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Nephrite Jade is a stone which is believed to bring both harmony and peace. Not only is this stone known for bringing harmony and peace, but Nephrite Jade is said to also attract love, prosperity, and wealth. Nephrite Jade is recognized to be a high protective stone and is credited to protect against not only negative energy but accidents and injury as well. As a powerful manifestation stone, Nephrite Jade is believed to make a reality of one's hope and dreams.

Nephrite Jade Benefits

  • Attracts abundance and good luck
  • Promotes calm and harmony
  • Enhances confidence
  • Helps find balance and peace
  • Stone of manifestation
  • Protects against negative energy, accidents, and injury
  • Wards off evil eye
  • Powerful emotional healer
  • Brings clarity and awareness
  • Encourages independence
Nephrite Jade - Metaphysical & Healing Properties
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