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Origin: First discovered in 1784 by Francois Levaillant but can be found in India, the United States, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Canda, Thailand, China, and Spain

Colors: Can be found in golden brown, yellow, red, or blue

Appearance: Silky luster with opaque transparency

Name History: Obtained its name due to the similarity to an actual tigers eye

Healing Properties: Attracts prosperity and good luck while removing negative energy and promoting confidence

Chakra: Associated with the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, and the third eye chakra

Tigers Eye Gemstone - Gem Avenue Wholesale

Getting to Know Tigers Eye

A known member of the Quartz family, Tiger’s Eye stone was first discovered in the year 1784, by French ornithologist Francois Levaillant. As a form of chalcedony quartz, Tiger’s Eye is also considered to be what geologists like to refer to as a pseudomorph. A pseudomorph is a mineral which then converts itself into another mineral. The term pseudomorph stems from the Greek word for “false form.” This name is in reference to the fact Tiger's Eye first began as a mineral known as crocidolite. Gradually crocidolite then develops into what we know as Tiger’s Eye!

Tigers Eye Gemstone - Gem Avenue Wholesale

In history, ancient civilizations strongly believed the Tiger’s Eye stone could grant not only protection but foresight as well. Throughout ancient Egypt, Tiger’s Eye was seen as a representation of the eyes of deities. In ancient Roman civilizations, this stone served as a symbol of bravery as well as courage and was mainly utilized by soldiers and warriors. Since the stone resembled that of an eye, they believed Tiger’s Eye was all seeing and was frequently worn during battle as a protective amulet on their breastplate. During the 16th century, the demand exceeded for Tiger’s Eye, its value surpassed that of gold due to the stone being so rare.

Throughout time, Tiger’s eye gemstones have been utilized in jewelry for centuries. From Tiger’s Eye necklaces to Tiger’s Eye bracelets. In fact, Tiger’s Eye cabochons are most popular when utilized for rings and cufflinks. What makes this such a desirable stone for jewelry making and even used for sculptures is thanks to its light honey shade.

Tigers Eye Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Tigers Eye Gemstone - Gem Avenue Wholesale

Tiger’s eye is quite a popular stone when it comes to healing due to the fact it is known to possess a variety of healing properties. For those who seek growth, protection, and resilience this stone is believed to balance both one's emotional well being as well as one’s physical well being. Tiger’s eye is a stone which aids in the removal of negative energy while promoting self-confidence. This is a stone which will bring forth prosperity and good luck. During times of stress, Tiger’s Eye promotes strength, intentional decision making, and vitality in order to keep perspective in order to move forward. Along with this Tiger’s Eye expels mental blocks, promotes wisdom, and clarity.

Tigers Eye Gemstone - Gem Avenue Wholesale

Tigers Eye Stone Benefits

  • Protects against negative energy
  • Promotes an active lifestyle
  • Great for centering, grounding, and balancing
  • Boosts confidence, courage, and motivation
  • Balances lower chakras
  • Helps concentration
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