Tumbled Angelite

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Natural Angelite - A Quality Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystals- Wholesale - Gem Avenue
A Quality Angelite (1 LB)
Elevate your retail collection with our exquisite Natural Angelite gemstones. Hand-selected for their premium quality, these A-grade tumbled crystals exude elegance and sophistication. Wholesale prices guarantee a good profit. Enhance...
Natural Angelite - B Quality Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystals- Wholesale - Gem Avenue
B Quality Angelite (1 LB)
Indulge in the luxurious beauty of Natural Angelite crystals. These B quality tumbled gemstones are perfect for retailers, offering both the best quality and the lowest prices. With their natural...

It is believed to be beneficial for communication and to promote compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love. It is said to bring a sense of spiritual guidance and calming energy and to help with spiritual development and protection. Angelite is connected to the throat chakra and is often used for speaking your truth. It can also help with clairvoyance and clairaudience and can enhance psychic abilities. It is said to be a powerful stone for connecting with angels and accessing higher realms.

Tumbled Angelite is a good choice for meditating with, as it can be calming and cleansing. It is said to remove energy blocks in the body and to open up the higher chakras enabling spiritual growth. When used in meditation, it can increase intuition and angelic communication.

Angelite was discovered in the year 1989 in Peru by J.I Koivula and R.C Kammerling. Angelite is also known by various names such as blue anhydrite and angel stone. The colors of Angelite can range from a vibrant shade of sky blue to a darker shade of gray.

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