Black Onyx Jewelry

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Handmade 10mm Round Stretch Black Onyx in Matt Finish Bead Unisex Bracelet - Gem Avenue
10mm Black Onyx Matt Finish Bracelet
This Handmade Black Onyx Bracelet boasts a unique matt finish for a sleek and sophisticated look. The 10mm gemstone beads add a touch of elegance and the unisex design makes...
Black Onyx Gemstone Bead Unisex Stretch Bracelet - Gem Avenue
6mm Black Onyx Bracelet
Enhance your inventory with our 6mm Black Onyx Gemstone Unisex Stretch Bracelet. This versatile piece features high-quality gemstones and a stretch design, perfect for both men and women. Handmade with...
Handmade Stretch Black Onyx Bead Unisex Bracelet - Gem Avenue
10mm Black Onyx Bracelet
This handmade unisex 10mm black onyx bead stretch bracelet features a genuine gemstone and crystal for a unique and fashionable addition to any outfit. At wholesale prices, retailers can make...
Black Onyx Unisex Handmade Stretch Bracelet
8mm Black Onyx Bracelet
You will fall in love with this gorgeous bracelet. Black Onyx Gemstone 8mm Round Bead Unisex Stretch Bracelet . A great choice at an unbeatable price. A great way to...
Flip Flop 925 Sterling Silver Pendants Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Black Onyx Flip Flop Pendants
Stroll into summer with our Sterling Silver Black Onyx Flip Flop Pendants. Handmade with natural black onyx, these crystal-studded pendants are the perfect accessory for any retailer. Experience the best...
8mm Black Onyx Crystal Bead Strand Wholesale - Gem Avenue
8mm Black Onyx Crystal Bead Strand
Experience the beauty of natural Black Onyx with our 8mm Crystal Bead Strands. These high-quality gemstones are perfect for jewelry making and are available at wholesale prices for retailers. With...

Black onyx is widely known as the birthstone for the month of December and is often associated with the Leo zodiac sign. Black onyx is said to be a mix of chalcedony quartz. The name is derived from the Greek word "onyx" which translates to "nail of finger or claw." The name is in reference to a story of the Greek Goddess Venus who had her fingernails cut by Eros or otherwise known as Cupid. Her nail clippings were left scattered along the ground and due to the belief that not a single part of a heavenly body can die, not even something as frivolous as nail clippings, the gods turned the clippings into the stone we know today as Black onyx.

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