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The name Zeolite is derived from both Greek words “zeo” which translates to “boil” and “lithos” which means “stone.” The name was given to these minerals by Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt in the year 1756 when they were first discovered.

How are Zeolites formed one might ask, well they are formed where volcanic rocks and ash react due to the presence of alkaline groundwater. Zeolites usually produce crystals that are both well-formed and contain pale colors. The Zeolite crystals are said to be relatively soft and could even be crushed into a fine powder. In nature, the majority of the time Zeolite crystals are found they are almost never pure this is because oftentimes Zeolites are found to be combined with other minerals such as metal, quartz, and even other Zeolites.

In the metaphysical world, Zeolite minerals are believed to aid in the ability to overcome self-judgment. It is also said that Zeolite crystals contain the ability to foster compassion and are a stone of both gentleness and kindness.

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