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Calcite Chalcedony Mineral Specimen #0040

This mineral specimen is a genuine Calcite Chalcedony from Maharashtra, India, ideal for collectors and geologists alike. This specimen displays distinct Calcite chalcedony formation and striations, unique to Indian stones....

Calcite Mineral Specimen #0110

Discover the unique beauty of Calcite with this Mineral Specimen from the Aurangabad Mines in Ahmednagar District, India. It is a one-of-a-kind statement piece that adds a unique sparkle to...

Calcite Mineral Specimen #0151

This calcite mineral specimen from Sangamner mines in the Ahmednagar district of India is perfect for all your mineral collecting needs! It features a beautiful golden hue and a unique...

Calcite is a rock-forming mineral. It is very common and is found all over the world in sedimentary, metamorphosis, and igneous rocks. Some geologists consider it a "ubiquitous mineral." Calcite is a very common and widespread mineral with many different shapes and colors.

Calcite is an important component of limestone and marble. They are one of the largest carbon deposits on our planet. Calcite has more uses than any other mineral. It is used as a building material, agricultural soil treatment, construction aggregate, pigment, pharmaceutical, and more. Calcite Crystal and aragonite are mutually exclusive. Although calcite and aragonite contain the same chemical composition, they differ in their crystal structure. These two minerals can only be distinguished by complex scientific optical tests.

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