Carnelian Rings

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6mm Carnelian Gemstone Rings ( Pack of 6 )

In your order, you will receive a pack of 6 different sizes of 6mm  Carnelian Gemstone rings. Each individual ring contains a height of approximately .25” and a width of .75”. Due...

Carnelian rings make a stunning statement. This unique and captivating gemstone is part of the chalcedony family, with warm hues ranging from pale to deep red, orange, and brown. The Latin word “carneus” (flesh-colored) inspired its name. The translucency of carnelian gives it a glowing fire-like color that resembles an ember or sunset sky --an alluring characteristic. Carnelian rings are thus becoming increasingly popular among those who want to wear natural gems with gorgeous earthy tones.

Carnelian rings offer a wide range of designs to choose from, including more understated and more intricate styles. The gemstones are often set in sterling silver or gold bands, but may also include extra detailing, such as filigree or engraving. Carnelian is thought to be symbolic of courage, creativity, motivation and passion - ancient societies believed it had protective powers against evil spirits and healing properties for the body - making carnelian rings ideal for those who wish for these qualities.

Carnelian rings are a priceless accessory in more ways than one. Their beautiful colors flatter various complexions and make them suitable for any wardrobe - from casual to formal. Carnelian rings can be stand-alone pieces, or combined with other rings for an added touch of style. Furthermore, carnelian rings offer more than just aesthetic value; they can also have symbolic significance associated with special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations - making them the perfect gift.