Kunzite Crystals and Mineral Specimens

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Kunzite is a pale pink-violet to light violet mineral in the Spodumin family. It was first discovered in 1902 by the gemologist George Frederick Kuns. The name Kunzite came in his honor. It is a lithium aluminosilicate which is part of the pyroxene and presents very attractive colors. These originated because manganese was incorporated into its chemical composition. Despite being one of the most precious stones in the world, Kunzite is truly impressive.

Kunzite is a very small gem found in San Diego County, California. Kunzite derives its beautiful lilac-pink color from the presence of manganese in the stone. It is an affordable gem for jewelry makers. Crystal healers believe that it can attract all kinds of love and help to create a love for man, animals, and nature.

Kunzite is a very old stone compared to other gemstones. This diverse stone has been associated with different forces for years. However, none of them have been fully attested to in the scientific world. Kunzite can be found in many parts of the world, including the USA, Madagascar, Brazil, and Afghanistan.