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Malachite is a popular mineral with an intense green color and beautiful banded mass. It was one of the first ores used to produce copper metal. It is often formed in limestone, which creates an underground chemical atmosphere conducive to the formation of carbonate minerals. It is one of the most widely distributed minerals in the Earth's crust. Polished, banded malachite has been worn as jewelry for thousands of years

Malachite is commonly found with blue azurite, hence it is known as "Azur-Malakhite" in the gem and mineral trade. Malachite crystals often form a mass with concentrated bands of light and dark green. Malachite is also widely used as a decorative stone. It is very popular among mineral collectors.

Crystal healers believe that malachite is an important protection stone that teaches one how to take responsibility for one's actions, thoughts, and feelings. Some of the first malachite deposits were in Egypt and Israel. They mined 4,000 years ago and used it to produce copper. Malachite is found in Russia, Zaire, Australia, Namibia, Zaire, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Romania, Chile, Mexico, and the US.

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