Mango Calcite

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Natural Mango Calcite Tumbled Stone Gemstone Crystals- Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Mango Calcite (1 LB)
Indulge in the natural beauty and positive energy of our 1 lb Natural Mango Calcite Tumbled Gemstone Crystals. Each crystal has been carefully crafted and tumbled to perfection, radiating the...

Welcome to our collection of Mango Calcite Crystal Stone, a charming gemstone recognized for its colorful yellow-orange hues and effective recovery houses. Mango Calcite, also referred to as Orange Calcite, is loved for its uplifting power and capability to inspire creativity and joy. Our Mango Calcite stones are carefully sourced to make certain the highest fine, presenting both aesthetic splendor and lively blessings.

Product Features:

  • Vibrant Color: Mango Calcite is prominent by using its bright yellow-orange color, paying homage to ripe mangoes. This placing hue makes it a visually appealing addition to any crystal collection.
  • Natural Formation: Each piece of Mango Calcite is obviously shaped, showcasing particular styles and textures. The natural variations in color and shape highlight the distinctiveness of every stone.
  • Energetic Properties: Known for its capacity to cleanse and amplify energy, Mango Calcite is believed to reinforce motivation, decorate creativity, and produce joy. It is frequently used in energy paintings to stability emotions and sell superb exchange.
  • Versatile Applications: These stones are perfect for a whole lot of uses, which include crystal recuperation, meditation, domestic décor, and crafting. Their colorful shade and wonderful power make them perfect for growing appealing jewelry and art pieces.


  • Emotional Balance: Mango Calcite is idea to help clean emotional blockages and decrease stress, promoting a sense of peace and well-being. It is a famous desire for the ones in search of emotional healing and stability.
  • Enhanced Creativity: This crystal is assumed to stimulate the innovative thoughts, making it an superb companion for artists, writers, and each person seeking to enhance their creative output.
  • Joy and Positivity: The bright, sunny power of Mango Calcite is said to bring pleasure and positivity, making it a remarkable stone to have in any surroundings.
  • Decorative Appeal: The colorful coloration and herbal splendor of Mango Calcite make it a lovely addition to any domestic or office décor, adding a touch of natural elegance and heat.


  • Crystal Healing: Use Mango Calcite in strength recuperation practices to stability emotions, raise creativity, and encourage joy. Its uplifting houses make it a effective device for private transformation.
  • Home Décor: Display these stones on your residing area to add a splash of color and promote a fantastic, vibrant ecosystem.
  • Jewelry Making: Create unique, handcrafted crystal rings pieces that show off the lovely hues of Mango Calcite. Its lively properties add intensity and which means to any design.
  • Craft Projects: Incorporate Mango Calcite into your artwork and craft tasks for a hint of herbal splendor and lively enhancement.

Enhance your series with our Mango Calcite Crystal Stones from Wholesale crystals supplier Gem Avenue and revel in the uplifting strength and colorful beauty of this fantastic gemstone. Perfect for private use, crafting, or retail, our Mango Calcite stones are positive to inspire and pleasure. Shop now and produce the sunny electricity of Mango Calcite into your life!