Metaphysical Crystals

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Selenite wand Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Selenite Wand 6"
Beautiful Selenite crystal wand! These Selenite wands weigh approximately 4.1oz with a height of approximately 6” and a width of 0.75”. You will only receive one Selenite wand unless specified...
Selenite Crescent Moon Charging Plates Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Selenite 1.25" Charging Plates
Enchanting Selenite crescent moon charging plates! These small Selenite crescent moons weigh approximately 3.0oz with a height of approximately 0.5” and a width of 1.25”. Selenite is a clear, colorless...
Circular Selenite Charging Plate Crystal Gemstone Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Selenite 4" Circle Charging Plate
Indulge in the luxurious world of natural healing with our hand-carved Selenite circle charging plate. Crafted with the finest quality crystal gemstone, this wholesale product allows retailers to invest profitably....
Hand Carved Selenite Worry Stones with Thumb Indent - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Selenite Worry Stones
Elevate your self-care game with our Hand Carved Selenite Worry Stones. Made from the finest quality selenite crystal, each worry stone is thoughtfully hand carved with a thumb indent for...
Selenite Heart Bowl Charging Crystal Gemstone-Gem Avenue
Selenite Gemstone Heart Bowl
Experience the natural beauty and healing properties of Selenite with our exclusive Gemstone Heart Bowl Charging Crystal. Designed in a heart shape, this bowl is perfect for retailers looking to...
Decorative Rose Quartz Mushroom Shape Crystal Gemstone Home Decor - Gem Avenue
Rose Quartz Mushroom Sculpture
Indulge in the healing properties of our Rose Quartz Hand-Carved Mushroom Sculpture. Each piece is hand-carved to perfection from the finest quality Rose Quartz gemstone. From China, this luxurious sculpture...
Hand Carved Yellow Aventurine Worry Stones with Thumb Indent - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Yellow Aventurine Worry Stones
Elevate your self-care routine with our Hand Carved Yellow Aventurine Worry Stones. Each crystal is carefully carved to create a pocket-sized stone with a thumb indent, perfect for soothing stress...
Hand Carved Hematite Worry Stones with Thumb Indent - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Hematite Worry Stones
Experience luxury and tranquility with our Hand Carved Hematite Worry Stones. Made from natural hematite crystal, each stone is carefully hand carved with a thumb indent for added comfort. As...
Hand Carved Green Aventurine Worry Stones with Thumb Indent - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Green Aventurine Worry Stones
Indulge in the sophistication of our Hand Carved Green Aventurine Worry Stones with Thumb Indent. This natural crystal worry stone is expertly crafted into a pocket-sized piece of art, perfect...
Hand Carved Polychrome Jasper Worry Stones with Thumb Indent - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Polychrome Jasper Worry Stones
Indulge in luxury with our Hand Carved Polychrome Jasper Worry Stones. Crafted from the finest quality of natural polychrome jasper, these worry stones are perfect for retailers looking to make...
Hand Carved Gray Quartz Worry Stones with Thumb Indent - Gem Avenue Wholesale
Gray Quartz Worry Stones
Elevate your self-care routine with our luxurious hand carved gray quartz worry stones. Each natural crystal features a convenient thumb indent for ease of use. Perfect for both retailers and...

Elevate your non secular and recuperation practices with our tremendous variety of Metaphysical Crystals, available from Gem Avenue Wholesale crystals , your top-rated supply for bulk crystals, tumbled stones, and crystal rings in Charlotte, NC. Our curated series capabilities a diverse array of crystals, each famend for his or her specific metaphysical properties and energies.

Product Highlights:

  • Diverse Selection: Our massive inventory includes a wide sort of metaphysical crystals, together with amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, black tourmaline, and greater. Each crystal is carefully chosen for its particular homes and aesthetic splendor.
  • Healing and Energy Work: Metaphysical crystals are revered for their potential to resource in recovery, meditation, and electricity paintings. They are commonly used to stability chakras, beautify religious increase, and offer emotional and physical aid.
  • Natural Beauty: Each crystal is a unique piece of nature's artistry, showcasing natural styles, colorful colors, and precise formations that add beauty and intrigue to any series or space.
  • Versatile Uses: Ideal for private use, metaphysical practices, or as unique additions to retail offerings. These crystals are best for developing crystal grids, rings, and decorative portions that inspire and heal.

Why Choose Gem Avenue Wholesale

  • Quality Assurance: We pleasure ourselves on supplying most effective the highest satisfactory metaphysical crystals. Each piece is meticulously decided on and inspected to make certain it meets our rigorous requirements for authenticity and beauty.
  • Competitive Pricing: As a leading wholesale crystal supplier charlotte NC, we offer competitive pricing for bulk orders, making it clean for retailers to stock a diverse variety of crystals. Our bulk shopping options offer tremendous price and permit for a beneficent earnings margin.
  • Expertise and Service: With years of revel in within the crystal enterprise, our informed crew is devoted to imparting awesome customer support. We are right here to help you in choosing the best merchandise to fulfill your retail needs and to offer guidance on maximizing your income capability.

Enhance your spiritual journey and retail offerings with the powerful power and herbal splendor of our Metaphysical Crystals from Gem Avenue Wholesale. Visit us in Charlotte, NC, or explore our online selection to discover the appropriate portions to elevate your practices and captivate your customers.