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Moldavite or otherwise known as Vltavin or Bouteille is natural glass that was formed due to the heat of an asteroid impact. These specimens have been widely popularized by both mineral and meteorite collectors alike. Armand Dufrenoy named Moldavite after a town in Bohemia named Moldauthein.

Moldavite can be found in various locations scattered across the world. They can be found in Germany, Austria, and within the western region of the Czech Republic. In fact, the majority of the world's Moldavite is said to derive from South Bohemia. Not only can it come from various places, but Moldavite can range from various shades of colors such as yellow, green, or brown. In history, Moldavite has been known to have been utilized as a primary tool for both leather and weapon making, as well as the processing of foods.

Thanks to the possession of the stone of both high vibrations as well as intense frequencies, it granted Moldavite the title of “The Holy Grail Stone” or “Stone of Transformation.” Moldavite is associated with the third eye chakra and is believed to connect the holder to other dimensions. It is also said that Moldavite possesses the ability to transform old patterns and because of this, it may cause what is known as the Dark Night of the Soul otherwise known as spiritual depression.

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