Moonstone Bracelets

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Moonstone Gemstone Bead Unisex Stretch Bracelet - Gem Avenue
6mm Moonstone Bracelet
This 6mm Moonstone Gemstone Unisex Stretch Bracelet is perfect for retailers looking to make a good profit. Handmade with the best quality moonstone crystals, this wholesale bracelet offers the lowest...

Moonstone is a highly admired gemstone prized for its mesmerizing iridescent light display. This charming stone has been beloved for centuries, thought to possess some kind of enchantment within its beauty. At Moonstone Bracelets, our selection of handcrafted bracelets incorporates only the finest quality Moonstone beads, showcasing natural shades from glimmering blues and vibrant whites to mysterious grays and captivating peachy pinks. Experience the magic of this bewitching stone today with one of our beautiful Moonstone bracelets.

Moonstone is widely regarded as a gemstone of intuition, spirituality, and feminine energy. It is believed to promote emotional healing, bolster intuition, and help to balance the body's physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Additionally, moonstone has traditionally been associated with love and fertility; it's no wonder then that Moonstone Bracelets are such popular choices for those who wish to deepen their emotional connections or magnify their femininity. In addition to adding an attractive piece of jewelry to your collection, our Moonstone Bracelets prove beneficial in meditation & energy healing practices - wear them to absorb the energy from the moon & locate your inner wisdom rapidly.

Moonstone Bracelets are an ideal addition to every collection – whether you're searching for a beautiful piece of jewelry, looking to give someone a memorable gift, or needing a tool of spiritual growth. Our collection offers bracelets designed in styles like an elastic stretch, adjustable cord, and sterling silver or gold-filled beads. These pieces are crafted with comfort and security in mind so they can be worn all day long, no matter the occasion. Discover the exquisite charms of Moonstone and witness its captivating magic!