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Pyrite 2" to 2.5" Mineral Specimen
As a natural, raw pyrite gemstone mineral specimen from Spain, we offer the best quality and lowest prices for retailers to make good profits. With its unique crystal formation, this...

Pyrite is a very common mineral with the chemical composition of iron sulfide. Pyrite is found in many forms and habits. It is seen as a component of metamorphic rocks. The name pyrite comes from the Greek word "pyre". It means "fire". It is said that the name comes from the fact that pyrite can be used to create sparks for fire against metal or other hard objects. The brass-yellow metallic color of pyrite often causes people to misunderstand it as gold, hence it is commonly called 'Fool's Gold. But unlike gold, pyrite is easy to identify. It is very light and sturdy.

Pyrite minerals occasionally form penetrating twins. Especially in cubic form. The cubes are sometimes rectangular in shape. Pyrite is a strongly protective stone. In addition, crystal healers believe that it stimulates the intellect, enhances memory, and helps to remember relevant information when needed.

Large deposits of pyrites exist in the district of Huron in Peru. In addition, Spain mines large quantities of large perfect cubic pyrite crystals. The best pyrite crystals are found in the Rio Marina on the island of Elba in Italy. And in the US, there are plenty of great Pyrate areas.

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