Raw Rough Calcite Crystal Wholesale

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Blue Calcite Rough Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Blue Calcite Rough (1 LB)
Blue Calcite Raw Rough Crystal. Each stone is about 3/4" - 1" in size. Blue Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a blue color. It is found as an...
Calcite Rough Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Calcite Rough (1 LB)
1 Lb of Natural Calcite Crystals. Calcite Crystal is a common mineral that is found in many different environments, including limestone caves, marble quarries, and sedimentary rocks. It is well...
Blue Calcite Rough Wholesale - Gem Avenue
Blue Calcite Rough (2 Lb Bag)
You will receive 2 lbs worth of Blue Calcite stones in your order which is approximately 6 to 8 stones within each bag. Each stone weighs approximately 6.0oz with a...

Calcite is known to be a highly abundant mineral that can be found within the Earth's crust. Due to the different shapes and colors calcite can be found in, this led to its growth in popularity amongst collectors. In fact, Calcite can be found in more shapes than any other mineral, it can be found in over 300 different shapes!

Our extensive selection of wholesale raw rough calcite crystals features a variety of items to pick and choose from that are suitable for all tastes, such as raw calcite crystals and rough calcite crystals to name a few! With great quality paired with unbeatable low prices, this collection of raw rough calcite crystals will make the perfect addition to any business!

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