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Raw Natural Quartz Gemstone Mineral Specimen (Multiple Sizes)

This Raw Natural Quartz Gemstone is a stunning mineral specimen from India. With its raw, all-natural form, this crystal is perfect for retailers looking to offer high-quality, unique products at...

Quartz Stalactite Cave Calcite Mineral Specimen 2.9 Lb #RMI488

This Quartz Stalactite Cave Calcite Mineral Specimen from Madhya Pradesh, India is a beautiful addition to any collection. The specimen weighs 2.9 Lb and is composed of Quartz, Stalactite Cave,...

Natural Quartz Mineral Specimen 9.8 Oz #RMI485

This Natural Quartz Mineral Specimen is sourced from Nashik Mines in India, and is perfect for mineral collectors, weighing in at 9.8 ounces. Its natural formation has not been altered,...

Clear Quartz Crystal Mineral Specimen #RCR318

This beautiful Clear Quartz Crystal Mineral Specimen exudes natural elegance. It features a termination/point design and is comprised of 1.8 lbs of Clear Quartz material. It is 3" wide and...

Natural Window Quartz Mineral Specimen

Experience the best quality and lowest prices with our Natural Window Quartz Mineral Specimen. Sourced from Pakistan, this raw gemstone boasts a beautiful crystal formation. Perfect for retailers looking to...

Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the Earth's crust, containing one part silicon and two parts oxygen. It has a special crystalline shape with a hexagonal shape. It is found in all types of rocks, such as fire, metamorphosis, and debris. Quartz is the most diverse of all minerals. Some forms of quartz, especially gemstones, have been shown to enhance their color. Its properties make it one of the most useful natural ingredients.

Quartz-bearing rocks are resistant to climate change and erosion. Amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz, aventurine. Agate and jasper are also popular varieties of quartz that are widely used as gemstones with microcrystalline structures. It is considered a healing stone.

Quartz is abundant in all parts of the world. And it can occur at any temperature. This sustainability makes it one of the strongest minerals in the mountains and a primary component of beaches, rivers, and desert sands. Its low investment is found all over the world.

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