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Dolomite is the primary component of fossil rock known as dolomite and the metamorphic rock known as dolomitic marble. It is a common mineral in hydroelectric veins. Dolomite is very similar to the mineral calcite. The Dolomites are very rare in modern waste environments, but dolostones are very common in rock records. Also known as Dolomite, Dolostone, or Dolomite Rock.

Dolomite is used as a sintering agent in iron ore processing and as a flux in steel production. Dolomite occurs in white, pink, gray, orange, green, or brownstones. Crystal healers use it to strengthen bones, teeth, and muscles, and to help the lungs and cell structure. They think it is a solution to problems in the reproductive system, adrenal glands, and genital system.

Dolomite can be found all over the world, but most of it is used for commercial and industrial products. Its crystalline quality stones are found in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, and Mexico.

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